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We have had the pleasure of showcasing the work of many local artists… Interested in showing your work? Contact us!

Amanda Roe

Showcase – “War Dogs” at the Schepis Museum, Columbia, La. Free and Open to Public

The Schepis Museum announces June showcase of Amanda Roe’s work. This showcase will be open to the public from June 3-29, 2019. The works in this series explore mankind’s relationship with war as our constant companion, similar to our human-canine bond. We developed a close relationship with dogs that precedes the formation of civilizations, and war soon followed. The references for these works are real photos of soldiers and dogs in WW1, in which dogs performed many different tasks. The images can invoke feelings of sadness, despair, and anxiety, but it can also be rather comforting to see the close relationship humans have with our four-legged friends, even in times of hardship. Closing reception June 29th from 6-9pm during the July 4th celebration in Columbia, LA!

Amy Ouachley


We are connected to the Earth in all ways.  We walk earth’s paths, drink earth’s water, and breathe earth’s air.  All of the earth’s resources are gifts.

These Earth Amulets are magical charms to honor our friend, the Earth.

Wear them to remind you to use the gifts wisely.

By Amy Ouchley


Traveling, Street Photography, and Painting are my greatest passions. Although the subject matter of my artwork is very broad, I try to incorporate personal experience, familiar territory, and adventure into my each of my pieces. It’s my way of sharing a different perspective of the beauty our world has to offer. 

I grew up in a little country town in Forest, Louisiana. I’ve always been creative and innovative with a unique imagination. I would get lost in my notebook doodles at school and still do to this day. However, it wasn’t until much later in my early adulthood that I uncovered the hidden talent of painting. And little did I know, unveiling that ability would be one of the most defining moments in my life. 

While working on my Masters degree, I decided to branch out with my new talent and educated myself in as many different types, styles and techniques of art that I could. I completed two years of Art and Design courses at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, including Drawing, Painting, Pottery, and Photography. Now, I use continuing education to refresh and fuel my desire to create and currently am studying Mixed Media Painting and Monochromatic Negative Prints in Photography. 

My artwork is derived as a direct reflection of my personality, current surroundings, and the way I interpret the world around me.  I try to encapsulate emotion and excitement into my art and want to be known for my artistic ability to grasp and maintain attention with movement, flow, and a fresh perception of the subject matter being displayed. 

I like to refer to my self as a multi-directional artist. My creative process is experimental and without limitations. I try to keep my mind open to utilizing multiple concepts, techniques, and styles. Though I try to incorporate many different ideals into my work, my viewing preference leans toward Contemporary, Modern, and Abstract Art. I am a huge fan of both 19th Century Impressionism and Modern Expressionism. 

Caitlyn Dionne

Young, emerging artist Caitlyn Dionne will showcase her photography that centers on her love of horses. “I love capturing the beauty of the relation between the horse and rider as well preserving the culture and heritage shared by all equestrians!” – Caitlyn Dionne. This exhibit which will showcase during June is an excellent accompaniment to the Lions Club Rodeo in Caldwell Parish – June 6-8th.

Almost six years ago, Caitlyn Dionne looked through the lens of a camera and realized she could capture something beautiful to preserve a moment in time—the feelings and emotions—forever as she puts.  The now seventeen-year-old has been invited to be a part of three photography shows with her fifteen-year-old sister, Cathryn and friend, Claire Zaunbrecher as the 3-C Cowgirls.  Their pictures reflect the beauty and fullness of equestrian and ranching heritage.

Growing up horseback in Southwest Louisiana, Caitlyn has an understanding of what it truly reflective of the nature and beauty of horses without being artificial or contrived.   She was the 2017 State 4-H Equestrian Premier Exhibitor and was selected as a participant in the 2019 American Quarter Horse Association Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program—a year-long scholarship program where participants compete with a yearling foal they raise and train while keeping detailed records of their progress.

Time stops for no one, but the ability to freeze it and share it with people is something I love doing.    –Caitlyn Dionne

Celeste Potgieter

Originally from South Africa, Celeste Potgieter is a painter, mixed media artist, and sculptor. But for more than 15 years, she called northeast Louisiana home.  Potgieter’s works defy genre, combining traditional oil painting with mixed media elements to create a unique, visually stunning narrative of her life and her artistic development. 

“From the Serengeti to the Bayou” tracks Potgieter’s life from her native South Africa through her time in Louisiana. Combining images of life on the Serengeti with elements of Louisiana and beyond, the works selected also track her growth as an artist.

“Celeste is an amazing artist, and we were so excited to introduce her to the community through the art workshops,” said Kristopher Kelley, curator of the Schepis Museum. “I’m really excited about this exposition because this collection highlights not only her talent but also the high quality of artists and artworks we are able to bring to the region.”

“From the Serengeti to the Bayou” will open Oct. 7. The museum will also host a showcase reception as part of the Louisiana Art and Folk Festival celebration Oct. 12 where all are invited to see the amazing diversity of Festival Artist and visit with Celeste at her exhibition. “From the Serengeti to the Bayou” will hang through Nov. 30, which will provide ample opportunities for visitors to view the show and bring home a piece to their own home. 

Heather Boston

Heather Boston Showcase – “The Queen of Colour” comes to the Schepis Museum now through Feb 2020.

Heather Boston is a self taught artist from Gillis, La.  She is a prophetic, intuitive, energy artist who paints mainly with her fingers.  An avid lover of all beautiful things, she paints, sees, and feels the soul.  Exploring depths of the unknown, going the extra mile, and sometimes known as rough around the edges.  Freedom of expression, emotion, her passion for rich pigments have landed her a nickname “Queen of Colour”  Breathing life into dead things has recently peaked her interest. There is life in it, sometimes you have to be the one to revive it!  Using her spiritual gifts, she realized her calling as an art teacher/therapist.  Collaboration of her nursing degree and natural art talent, she began teaching children-adult how to release the authentic within.  Easing the process of spiritual growth, oneness, likeness, pure love of ones own soul….is everything.  One source, that’s within, trusting oneself even when the world doesn’t understand it.  Over the years, she is known for her consistent, selfless donations to private functions, nonprofits, and benefits. painting Live art at events, and auctions.  Painting it forward.  Her passion is painting LIVE, alongside a band and something that comes alive, get lost in the music, paint and become one with the canvas. She was a chosen artist on LPB ARTROCKS, and her dream is to share her gift.  To show the world, there is more than meets the eye.  Following our inner compass, letting go of expectation, noise, and slip into the heART. 

M Douglas Walton

M Douglas Walton Showcase – “The Art of the Heart” comes to the Schepis Museum February and March 2020

Come experience a showcase that defies classification – Artist, Designer, Architect, Edgar Whitney Protege…
From expansive scale and bold colors expressing a hard to describe energy that quickly elicits reaction from the viewer, without the public always having pre-knowledge or expectations. In The Art of the Heart, M Douglas Walton explores the beauty beyond that of the physical world – both romantic and emotion stirring, come and experience this fantastic new showcase!

Meraki – A Showcase Collection

Delayed by COVID and then by Hurricane Laura… We are truly excited to announce “Meraki: Soul- Creativity- Love” is finally on display!

These artists, many affected by the recent hurricane and more, represent the true artistic spirit in rising above adversity! This collection of work by a variety of artist crosses themes, styles and inspiration. Above all the body of work represents the creativity and love that only our regional artists are able to embody into their work.

Showcase includes work by: Mike Work, Diana Hutchinson, Wendy Boyette, Heather Boston, Lois Hebert, Karen Kinslow, and Garrett Prunty. 

Don’t miss your chance to find inspiration, humor, and a fresh outlook! Visit the Schepis today to see this excellent group of artist work!

Mixed – A Showcase Collection

The Schepis proudly reopens with new work by a fantastic collection of emerging artists including – Callie Katherine Robbins, David Mark Huston, Rae Lynn Tedeton, Sha’Terica Fitzpatrick, K’Shana Hall Davis, Brooke Cassady, Stephanie Cogburn Cotter, Ainsley Saucier, and Claire White.  This group of work highlights a small window of the talented emerging artists throughout Northeast Louisiana and includes oil, acrylic, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, papier-mache, and more. We invite the public to join us in supporting this new talent by visiting this limited showcase now through July 18th 2020

Modern Quilt Guild – A Showcase Collection

Local quilters and members of the North Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild are showcasing their works at the Schepis Museum in historic Columbia, La! Modern Design, a Modern Quilt Show, from March 4th until April 28th will feature quilts, wall hangings, and more made by NELAMQG members on display for public viewing M-Sat 10am-5pm. Also included in the show will be a winning quilt from USUN Geneva Quilt Show that was displayed in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations, at the US embassy in Rome, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas and finally at Kean University.  The Schepis Museum invites all to see the showcase at our opening reception March 9th from 10am-5pm! 

“This is the first show of its kind that our guild has presented to the public,” says Angela Harrison, the guild’s president. “We’re looking forward to sharing our modern quilts with the community in a whole new way, and we hope anyone who is interested in quilting or modern design will come see the show!”

Attendees can learn more about the Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild onsite at the show. The guild will have registration forms for anyone who would like to join, as well as information about guild meetings, activities and events. “My hope is that our show can change people’s perspectives of what it means to be a quilter,” says member and Modern Quilt Designer Mary Burke Smith. “Modern quilting is inclusive and creative. I hope my designs can inspire others to participate in this new art form.” 

The Modern Quilt Guild is made up of more than 150 guilds and 10,000 members around the world. Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community. Learn more at The Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild is a local chapter of the international Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). We are a small group of dedicated quilters who meet on the third Saturday each month.  Each meeting includes a short program and a sit and sew. 

Monica Hebert

The Schepis Museum is pleased to present an exhibition of works featuring Monica Hebert. Her exhibition, “ I CAME HOME” will run from May 1 through May  31 with an open reception Saturday, May 11 2019 during the Blend of the River 2019 from 6-9pm.

Ms. Hebert, a Lake Charles native returned home 9 years ago, after living in other parts of the country including NYC and Washington, DC. All of the works in the exhibition of Ms. Hebert have all been created upon her return home. Living away for so many years impacted her approach to art and to her focus including opportunities to learn from others at the famed Art Students League of New York City. 

Come and see this wonderful showcase at the Schepis Museum with works for purchase during the showcase.

ORAG – The Lost Gallery Showcase

Join the Schepis as we welcome a collection of great artists for December and January. ORAG: The Lost Gallery Showcase, includes works from the Ouachita Rive Artists formerly housed at the Ouachita River Art Gallery on Trenton Street in West Monroe. Work by Robert Ward, Linda Snider Ward, Brenda McDaniel, Carrol Culpepper Smith, Melba Dees Pickering, Marlen Waters, Nancy Shutt, Margert Ellerman, Mara Loeb, Loretta Shadow Owens, Donna F. McGee and light display works from Parish Made!

This group of amazing talents displays exquisite regional talent from acrylic painting, water color, sketching and so much more. On display at the Schepis museum through January 2020

Paint the Ouachita – A Showcase Collection

In many ways, a river is a mecca. People travel to it, settle alongside it, and pay homage to the relationship water plays in our daily lives. The scenic Ouachita River is no exception. It flows over six hundred miles through Arkansas and Louisiana, long sustaining life in the region from Columbia to Camden! 

In a celebration of our relationship with the river and in recognition of the Year of the River 2019 (the bicentennial of the first steamboat entering the Ouachita River Valley) the North East Louisiana Arts Council presents “Paint the Ouachita”. This exhibit will travel throughout the region and showcases works by 9 fantastic area artists including: Amanda Roe, Liz Zanca, Tammy Matthews, Katelyn Sanson, Leah Ritzell, Melanie Douthit, Stacy Medaries, Doug Breckenridge, Shelby McDuff. 

Rocky Boudreaux

The Schepis Museum is pleased to present an exhibition of works featuring Rocky Boudreaux. His exhibition, “One foot in the past… a photography showcase.” will run from July 1 through August 31.

In “One foot in the past” Rocky showcases his extraordinary photography as presented in a diversity of developmental processes from historical processes like platinum/palladium, cyanotype, salt prints, silver gelatin all the way to modern ink jet. Don’t miss your chance to take home one of these awesome works!

A note from Rocky…
“ARTIST” – Dare I claim the coveted title? Perhaps “Explorer of the Photographic Arts” would be more appropriate. Indeed I have one foot planted in the photographic processes of the 1700’s and the other in those of the modern day digital realm. I am not the “Historical Purest” some claim to be but rather relish both processes independently and often blend the two. I also refuse to be placed in a limiting category of one or another or to be restricted by a classification of being a Black & White or Color Photographer. My interest runs the full gamete of life. I consider all subjects, methods, and art forms to be celebrations of life which is far too short to be limited in one’s scope. No box type classification for me!

I tend to capture subjects that tell a story or ones that display nature’s magnificence. I truly cannot tell you how I choose what I photograph. I simply let it speak to me and work from the knowledge that I must capture the image now as it may not be here when I return. I subscribe to the Professional Photographer’s Guild of America philosophy; I photograph “People, Places and Things”.

Experience these and many other exhibits – only at the historic Schepis Museum in Columbia, La!

Sportsman’s Paradise – A Showcase Collection

Sportsman’s Paradise! Come experience the rich bio-diversity that make Louisiana so unique. Back by popular demand, this exhibit will showcase a variety of works by area hunters and craftsmen that showcase why Louisiana is truly a sportsman’s paradise!