Quilt Showcase 2021: Franklin Peacemakers & Memory Makers

Join us for this extraordinary showcase!

Featuring works by:

Franklin Piecemakers – Est. 1994

*Kathy Huff – Charter Member

*Kathy Williamson                 Linda Allen

Annette Walley-Lewis             *Barbara Templet

Ercil Lord                        Madlom Chisum

*Kayla Raley                     *Judy Woods

June Walley                      *Robin Chapman

Janice Yelverton                 *Debbie Graham

Janette Hernandez                 Sylvia Kupferer

Memory Makers – Est.2012

*Debbie Graham                     Juanita Fowler

Robin Ulmer                        Martha Kay Womack

*Robin Chapman                     *Kathy Williamson

Debbie Brown                       *Judy Woods

Beverly Johns                       Kathryn Forster

Toya Armstrong                      *Barbara Templet

Debbie Hodges                       *Kayla Raley

*Kathy Huff                         Jackie Walters

*A member of both clubs

*Kathy Huff is a charter member of The Franklin Piecemakers serving 27 years.