4 Stars From Columbia – General Graves Erskine

Join us November 11th Virtually for the Opening of the Documentary Exhibit.

A 20-year-old by candlelight in the trenches pencils a letter to his “Mama”. A General writes a dedication for 1100 of his Marines who are buried on a Pacific island, personally writing to each “mama”. He pens a Defense/State Department Task force report that sets the stage for both the “Domino Theory” and the “Cold War”.

Through this documentary journey, you will hear excerpts gleaned from the “Tin Can Collection” Direct Quotes selected from over 200 pages of letters and other ephemeral organized for this Veteran Day Celebration and The Schepis Exhibit “Four Stars from Columbia-  General Erskine”                 

We celebrate the Veterans this day by listening to the words of General Graves Erskine, a Veteran of the 2 World Wars, Veteran of 3 “small wars”in Haiti, Santo Domingo and Nicaragua and numerous diplomatic assignments.  The readings were selected primarily from the text of his letters to “Mama”- – and the spoken words from his Oral history.

General Erskine carried the name of Caldwell Parish and Louisiana to the entire world.  It is our challenge to honor his legacy and tell his story for future Generations!

We invite you to listen to Graves Erskine’s Marine life and encounters captured in his oral history and letters home. We will explore General Erskine’s thoughts about friends, enemies, hatred, rivalry, and international intrigues. Listen closely– we’ll be rapidly travelling across time and around the world — through generations of extraordinary experiences of one man from Columbia, LA

Join us here! November 11th, 2021 at 11:11AM for the video premiere!