Through The Lens – 4H Youth Photography

A showcase at the Schepis

The Schepis Museum of Columbia proudly announces a new showcase featuring photography from 4H students of Ouachita Parish! This collection is titled: Through the Lens – My Inspiration. The collection explores eye catching images submitted by each student that highlights their inspiration in the arts. 

Giving these students their first showcase in a museum is just one more way that the Schepis is fostering the next generation of artists. We recognize that photography teaches youth not just about photography as an art, but also in demonstrating physical science, as a communication tool, and more. This exploration builds confidence to explore the arts all while developing and applying technical and artistic skills in film-based and digital photography.

“The arts give our youth a way to uniquely express themselves in a creative way. Whether it’s photography, singing, painting or dancing, all forms of art provide youth with a creative outlet that can build confidence and appreciate the difference in others.” Said Staci Mitchell – 4H Photography Club Leader

These works are on display throughout February and March at the Schepis Museum. All visitors are encouraged to help us share the talents of these budding artists on social media! Join the Schepis as we encourage the next generation of artists in our region!